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jim anderson father knows best

Father Knows Best, Vol. 1 by Black Eye Entertainment

Robert Young stars as Jim Anderson, head of the Anderson family and the father who ... knows best! Enjoy sixteen fun-filled comedy episodes from the long-running radio series!

Father Knows Best was a situation comedy built around the Anderson family and life on Maple Street in the fictitious Midwestern town of Springfield. Robert Young starred as Jim Anderson, head of the household, husband of Margaret, and an insurance man by occupation. The couple had three children. The weekly radio script, although played for laughs, offered words of wisdom and recipes for domestic happiness that American families could identify with. Jims understanding wife Margaret was the picture of domesticity as mother to Betty (aged eighteen), Bud (sixteen), and Kathy (ten).

Father Knows Best premiered on radio in 1949 and lasted until 1954 when it made its TV debut. For the radio show, Margaret was played by June Whitely and Jean Vander Pyle (best known for supplying the voice of Wilma in the animated series The Flintstones), Betty was played by Rhoda Williams, Bud by Ted Donaldson, and Kathy by Norma Jean Nilsson.

9/6/51 - Saving Money to Buy a Boat9/27/51 - Billiard Table10/11/51 - Birthday Present10/18/51 - Gossip11/1/51 - Neckties11/15/51 - The Music Business11/29/51 - Meteor12/6/51 - Attic Auction1/31/52 - An Evening Out2/14/52 - Valentine Party3/13/52 - Flowers and Candy5/1/52 - My Name is Sam5/8/52 - Kathys Twin Sister5/22/52 - Car Troubles5/29/52 - Sorting Through an Old Trunk6/5/52 - Aunt Ethel
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Father Knows Best - The New Girlfriend (September 28, 1950)

If you've been catching re-runs of "Father Knows Best," you've probably been wondering what Elinor Donahue is up to these days.
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Jim, the Farmer

In many ways, Father Knows Best set the mold for the family sitcoms. In fact, it was doing so before it even hit television. The sitcom began as a radio program, which was far more modern than you might expect. Robert Young, "Father" himself, was the only actor to carry over from the radio broadcasts to television sets, and he became the model patriarch as the series came to define s suburban living. The lead character, father Jim Anderson, had a cutting sense of humor on the radio program.

Sign in. Get a quick look at the the week's trailers, including Villains , Countdown , Like a Boss , and more. Watch now. Title: Jim, the Answer Man 14 May Jim has a lot of work to complete before he has to leave town for a business trip.

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Father Knows Best: Bud Takes Up The Dance - Season 1 Episode 1 (Full Episode)

They were the family we wanted to be part of, if only we could have somehow stuffed ourselves into the 12inch television screen. The plot of tonight's show revolves around a surprise 35th anniversary party tossed by Jim. We discover that the years have not altered our perception of the family. Margaret remains the housewife and even chides Jim when he suggests liberating her. Betty, the oldest, is a widow with two children and is working as a buyer for a Chicago store. She is contemplating a move to New York. The baby, Kathy, is a physical education instructor and engaged to an older man who has several children.

It was an air-brushed, touched-up portrait of family life that people could aim for. It spoke to the sunny ideal of how we could live our own lives. Every episode had a message, something to say that would touch the television audience. The parents managed to ride through almost any family situation without violent injury to their dignity, and the three Anderson youngsters were presented as decently behaved children who respected and loved their parents. Like many shows of the period, Father Knows Best began on radio NBC in , 5 years before becoming a television series. It competed with nineteen other family shows then on the air waves, and out-survived them all.


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