Husband shows no emotion when i cry

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husband shows no emotion when i cry

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Published 02.12.2018

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My Husband Makes Me Cry and Doesn’t Care About My Tears

You go out on a drive with your husband and come back after an hour without a word being exchanged between you two. It would be so boring and disappointing that you swear you will never go out with him again. If this is how you often feel with your partner, then he could be an emotionally unavailable EU person. In the simplest of terms, EU people are perfectly normal individuals who are unable to divulge their deepest emotions to anybody. They are rarely interested in matters of love or sharing their feelings with someone. They may demand attention but will perpetually be unwilling or incapable of creating an emotional bond with another person.

Plus, whenever I did turn on the waterworks, my man would locate the nearest exit. Then I really had something to cry about. I come from a French line of strong, undemonstrative men and strong, resilient women. Wearing my serious professor glasses, I prided myself on being ruled by logic, until I started doing a lot of work on myself in my thirties. The stoic facade that had protected me so many years began to crumble. I started crying, not in spite of my self-improvement efforts but because of them.

I was terrified to. After several years of actively suppressing my feelings, a particularly traumatic year washed over me and I began to crack open. Over the last few years, I have made friends with the full spectrum of my emotional self, and accepted it all once more. My sadness and I are now good friends. So are me and anger. And grief , and joy , and all of them.

3 Ways Vulnerability Can Actually Attract Your Man

In order to address that though, I would sit my partner down and explain to them what it is I needed from them. See a therapist. So what signals are these guys sending out to their female partners to give them that impression? Well, I wanted to investigate what was causing this breakdown in communication between men and women, so I questioned some male friends of mine. I needed a clear explanation of the inner workings of the male mind. What assumptions and lessons had these guys been taught in regards to communicating and listening to their female partners? I know, I know.

Is it normal? Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. My husband never cries. We have been together for 8 years and I have never seen a single tear in his eyes.

I was talking to a young wife recently and she shared a tearful story. She was sobbing as she told me about her husband and his lack of attention to her emotional needs. She explained that things have deteriorated to a point where her tears would practically flow at the sight of him. That is how bad it had gotten. She explained what hurt her the most was the nonchalant attitude he exhibited after her crying spells.


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    You boyfriend (or husband) may have a huge problem with dealing with real emotions. He may not show you the empathy you so much deserve to receive.

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