If god hates gays why did he create them

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if god hates gays why did he create them

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Published 02.12.2018

Joel Osteen: scripture clear on gay marriage

The Best Christian Argument for Marriage Equality Is That the Bible Got It Wrong

Answered by Jimmy Creech, former United Methodist pastor for nearly 30 years at the center of the controversy around the blessing of gay and lesbian unions in the church. A growing number of religious groups have issued statements officially welcoming LGBTQ people as members. What is at the heart of the position that the Bible is clear on the subject "that homosexuality is forbidden by God? How do you view the Bible's or God's position? Sincerely, Susan.

Some Christians confidently assert that God did not create homosexual people "that way. Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate. From these words, some Christians draw the conclusion that heterosexuality is the creation norm and, thus, heterosexual marriage is the only legitimate way for people to form romantic relationships. The disciples say that if divorce is not a ready option, perhaps it would be best for a man not to marry a woman. Jesus responds:.

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Human sexuality is complex. It affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. After the fall, God gave us spiritual laws to ensure that sexuality could remain the blessing He intended it to be. To commit sin is to transgress or disobey these laws. In other words, it is contaminated and motivated by the sinful


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    If God is opposed to homosexuality, why did He invent it in the first place? Not one of them had any part in the perfect plan God had in mind when He formed.

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    A few years ago the Ramsey Colloquium—a group of Christian and Jewish scholars—published a sharp critique of "the gay and lesbian cause" which they titled "The Homosexual Movement.

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    Until recent decades, same-sex behavior was placed in the same category with gluttony or drunkenness — as a vice of excess anyone might be prone to — not as the expression of a sexual orientation.

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