I don t get tired

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i don t get tired

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Published 01.12.2018

tindersticks - don't ever get tired


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If you've ever wanted to be that person -- the one with seemingly limitless amounts of energy throughout the day, the one who's never been accused of " looking tired, " the one who's never uncaged a primal-sounding yawn in the middle of a meeting -- you're going to have to adopt some healthy sleep-related habits. If you think good sleep is achieved by resting your head on a pillow and closing your eyes, you are wrong. To be a well-rested human being, you must fashion a routine that promotes energy throughout the day and sleepiness come sundown. This means acclimating to a proper bedtime, regulating your caffeine intake and maybe even investing in a few pairs of sleep socks. Check out the habits of well-rested people below, and start dreaming of better sleep.


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    We all know that person who seems to use the 24 hours in a day to the max.

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