Order of nine angles rituals

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order of nine angles rituals

NAOS by Michael W. Ford

Michael W. Ford was born in 1976 to William and Judith Ford. His older brother, Mark, was a successful drummer who was on the road through most of Fords early years. Ford began writing horror fiction as a child. In the late 1980s Ford attended The Cushman School in Miami, Florida, where he found an interest in music and history.

In 1990 Ford started playing in death-metal bands in Indianapolis, having spent time there again before relocating to Homestead and the Miami area in 1991. Ford and his family lost all of their possessions in Hurricane Andrew in 1992, as a result of which Ford moved to Indianapolis and started Black Funeral with various session members. Fords interest in Magick and specifically Satanism was into its early phase, echoed in Fords lyrics at the time. Ford studied the history of occultism and magick for some time before joining various left hand path orders from 1993 to 1995.

Recording with Black Funeral and Darkness Enshroud, a ritualistic-darkwave band, Ford relocated for the first time to Houston, Texas, having just recorded and released his first industrial record, Valefor - Death Magick on Cold Meat Industries Death Factory Records in 1996.

Michael Ford was granted the Order of Nine Angles command by Christos Beest in 1996, from which Ford operated until 1998 in Indianapolis. Ford left the active ONA due to what he has described as its Neo-Fascist stance and political ideals, which in his view are not an inherent part of Magick or Satanism.

Michael spent several years developing his Magickal practice between 1998 and 2000, when moving to Houston, Texas in October 1999 and editing his Book of the Witch Moon, where he had previously corresponded with Kenneth Grant. Ford continued working on music and recorded several ritual-music albums in the late 1990s, under the band name Psychonaut. Michaels interest in the works of Austin Osman Spare, Kenneth Grant and the mythology of the Adversary throughout the history of humanity were his primary interest during that time.

In 2001 Ford met Dana Dark, a gothic model and vocalist from Houston, and two others to begin recording ritual workings and the practice of the specific luciferian magick. The band recorded several albums from that point on, performing several live rituals. The group practiced magick as a Coven during this time period.

In 2003 Ford began publishing chapbooks and distributing them at low cost throughout the Satanic and Left Hand Path underground, which was designed as a type of hit and run guerrilla tactic. Ford had written in numerous published interviews that his goal was to upset and redefine the often-stagnant occult genre with an Adversarial approach. 2004 brought Michaels first contribution to a soundtrack, during his collaboration with Hexentanz, a ritual-medieval music project, with The Soil Bleeds Black and Psychonaut 75.

Ford published Luciferian Witchcraft in 2005, which quickly reached LULU.coms top 100, where it remained through 2008. Soon after Ford published numerous other left hand path and satanic books, redefining and presenting a new approach to so-called Dark paths of Magick and religion.

Ford is also the founder of The Order of the Phosphorus and The Black Order of the Dragon and a co-founder of The Church of Adversarial Light, a Luciferian Church. Ford has been an initiate and developer of the Luciferian Path for over ten years and also takes a significant interest in ancient Zoroastrian mysteries and Yatukih Sorcery. Ford is the co-owner of Succubus Productions and The Luciferian Apotheca.

He has done soundtracks for the movies Cadaver Bay and Hell Bound Book of the Dead released in 2004.
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Part 1: Introducing the Order of Nine Angles {AUDIOBOOK}

Order of Nine Angles

The purpose of this article is strictly informational and the administration is not responsible for the activities of the readers. Originally writtenby Dr. Monett in Mysticism in the 21st Century. Translated from Romanian to English by F. At a close inspection, the Order of Nine Angles O.

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Prolegomena to Any Future Satanism: Order of the Nine Angles and Supremacy of the Fringe pt. 1

As with many such esoteric groups, the founding narrative is just as much a mythical account. Anton Long was supposedly one of the first to be initiated into the Order by the Grand Mistress in From the mids up until the present, a steady stream of texts totaling several thousand pages have been produced that outlines and codifies the Sinister Tradition that the ONA claims to follow. Several lodges or temples have been referenced throughout the years, initially primarily in Britain, but more recently also in Australia, the United States and several other countries. Their exact size, location and existence are difficult to ascertain.

A level beyond the type of satanism and the neo-nazi occultism that the O9A is, rightly or wrongly, notorious for, and thus beyond the texts contained in much earlier books such as Naos , The Black Book of Satan , and Hostia. The new books, which compliment each other, contain a selection of post texts which deal with O9A occultism and traditions, and the knowledge and the understanding expected of the O9A Internal Adept, the stage on the O9A Seven Fold Way beyond the early stages of Initiate and External Adept and which early stages books such as Hostia deal with. That most of the texts includes copious footnotes containing references to other O9A texts and to works such as the Corpus Hermeticum, will also deter many readers. Which character is the opposite of the egoistic type encouraged by the likes of Crowley, by Levey and by modern practitioners of a Hebrew indebted qabalistic Left Hand Path. To conclude, the books will be useful not only to those, such as students of the occult and academics, who seek to understand the O9A, its traditions and occult roots and how it differs from other modern occult groups and movements, but also to those who have begun their own anados, their own journey, or who are considering making such a journey, along the difficult, the dangerous, O9A Seven Fold Way. They are all personally known to each other and have an established tradition of meeting every three or so years at a Sunedrion, often at Oxford following the end of Trinity Term.

Claiming to have been established in the s, it rose to public recognition in the early s, attracting attention for its neo-Nazi ideologies and activism. Describing its approach as " Traditional Satanism ", it has been identified by academic researchers as also exhibiting Hermetic and modern Pagan elements in its beliefs. According to the Order's own account, it was established in the Welsh Marches of Western England during the late s by a woman who had previously been involved in a secretive pre-Christian tradition surviving in the region. This account also states that in a man named "Anton Long" was initiated into the group, subsequently becoming its Grand Master. Several academic commentators to have studied the ONA express the view that the name "Anton Long" is probably the pseudonym of the British neo-Nazi activist David Myatt , although Myatt has denied that this is the case. From the late s onward, Long authored a number of books and articles propagating the Order's ideas, and in it began production of its own journal, Fenrir.


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    The Order of Nine Angles (ONA; O9A) is a Satanic and Left-Hand Path occult group based in . He later recalled that at that time the group held rituals at henges and stone circles around the solstices and equinoxes. This account further states.

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    Order of the Nine Angles (O.N.A) - Occult-Study

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