National geographic blue zones issue

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national geographic blue zones issue

National Geographic Blue Zones by B.

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Published 01.12.2018

Dan Buettner: National Geographic Journalist, Longevity & Happiness Expert, Keynote Speaker

National Geographic Author Solves the Riddle of Happiness and Longevity

This item ships to U. Since publishing his bestselling The Blue Zones in , longevity expert and National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner has discovered a new Blue Zone and launched a major public health initiative to transform cities based on principles from this book. The Blue Zones, Second Edition is completely updated and expands his bestselling classic on longevity, drawing on his research from extraordinarily long-lived communities -- Blue Zones -- around the globe to highlight the lifestyle, diet, outlook, and stress-coping practices that will add years to your life and life to your years. The new Blue Zone is Ikaria, Greece, where strong, sweet wine; family; and a Mediterranean diet all play a role in longer life. Also new in this book is a reading group guide, designed for groups to read about, discuss, and implement many of the simple changes advocated for better health.

What began as a National Geographic expedition, lead by Dan Buettner, to uncover the secrets of longevity, evolved into the discovery of the 5 places around the world where people consistently live over years old, dubbed the Blue Zones. Dan and his team of demographers, scientist and anthropologists were able to distill the evidence-based common denominators of these Blue Zones into 9 commonalities that they call the Power 9. They have since taken these principles into communities across the United States working with policy makers, local businesses, schools and individuals to shape the environments of the Blue Zones Project Communities. What has been found is that putting the responsibility of curating a healthy environment on an individual does not work, but through policy and environmental changes the Blue Zones Project Communities have been able to increase life expectancy, reduce obesity and make the healthy choice the easy choice for millions of Americans. These 5 areas were located using epidemiological data, statistics, birth certificates, and other research.

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He since discovered that there is a direct correlation between longevity and happiness. They all eat a mostly plant-based diet, what I call the four pillars: grains, greens, beans, and nuts. They have a vocabulary for purpose. They put family first. They tend to belong to a faith and actually show up. They have sacred, daily rituals that slow them down and reverse inflammation of every-day living. So I found three areas in the world that best exemplify each of those three facets—Singapore satisfaction , Costa Rica positive emotions and Denmark purpose … Health and happiness are Siamese twins.


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