Mass effect 2 prothean vision

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mass effect 2 prothean vision

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Published 01.12.2018

Mass Effect 2 - New Prothean Vision

Forum:Theory of Prothean vision

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I'm sure it exists somewhere but I can't find it. Is there a frame-by-frame of the images you get from the beacon on Eden Prime? Or any of the beacons, for that matter? I like this and thank you, but something that either slows it down or shows the individual images. Other than a couple of images, it's mostly just a blur. Its much easier if you play the game and record it yourself. I usually delete all my recorded gameplay after I make the gifs.

Here's a slow-mo version of it. Like at , does anyone else see an exposed brain and mechanical eyes staring forward? At , is that supposed to be a mouth opening or flesh being torn apart? Are we seeing Protheans being turned into cyborgs? The Protheans being turned into a Reaper?

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I'm guessing for the most part that the cybernetics and organic are either the Protheans becoming the Collectors, or the creation of a Prothean-Reaper. My theory mostly focuses on the end of the vision though. I have a theory that a friend of mine gave me, involving the collapsing star near Haestrom, that Tali'Zorah nar Rayya was investigating on Freedom's Progress. She mentions that the failing star may be due to dark energy. I believe that it is possible that, since the remaining Protheans on Ilos at an unspecified time, released the warning message through the galactic beacon system that would alert any surviving Protheans alive. But these remaining Prothean scientists spent many decades researching and trying to find out what happened.



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