Do macgyvers tricks really work

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do macgyvers tricks really work

The Unofficial MacGyver How To Handbook: Actual Working Tricks As Seen On Tvs MacGyver by Bret Terrill

Dont you wish you could do all the cool tricks that MacGyver did? Now you can. The Unofficial MacGyver How-to Handbook: Revised 2nd Edition provides step-by-step instructions to MacGyvers most inventive tricks.

As viewers of the show, we had always assumed that MacGyvers tricks were fiction, the kind of stuff that only works on TV. Inspired by a rerun in which MacGyver seals an acid leak with a chocolate bar, we decided to dig up our old high school science books and find out if this stuff really works. The result of our investigation is The Unofficial MacGyver How-to Handbook: Revised 2nd Edition, an illustrated primer to MacGyvers tricks complete with scientific explanations.

We provide step-by-step, how-to instructions that unlock the scientific secrets and spy genius of MacGyvers many tricks, including: How to pick a lock with a pocket knife; How to develop film with orange juice; How to create homemade fog; How to use a paperclip to undress a woman AND disarm a missile!

Each entry includes: A description of the materials you need to perform the trick; Step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish the trick; The scientific explanation of why the trick works.

In depicting these tricks, The Unofficial MacGyver How-to Handbook: Revised 2nd Edition, offers a mix of extreme scenarios and practical applications. So while youll probably never have the thrill of breaking into a high security laboratory, you can feel like a secret agent while you develop photos in the kitchen sink with orange juice.
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6 Easy Spy Tricks With Household Items

We Asked A Physics Ph.D. If Those MacGyver Hacks Really Work. Technical Any safety tips that you can't live without? Rhett: Don't mix.
Bret Terrill

List of problems solved by MacGyver

For their th episode, airing tonight, scientific fact checkers Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage put the old show's tricks to the test; they tell us about choosing this theme for their landmark show, exploding ''Jaws'' myths, and getting the Bat signal. But for their th episode airing Feb. Sounds simple, right? We could probably do a MythBusters episode about every MacGyver episode. And the fact that they worked really hard on MacGyver to have some kind of factual basis behind what they we were doing, in contrast to, like, The A-Team , and most other television shows. Or, he builds a flying device, and yes, you can do that, but would you actually be able to do that in an hour-and-a-half? Maybe you wanted to see it work for the spectacle.

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Simple detective work Season 1, Episode 1 Need an easy way to analyze fingerprints without a lab? Use soot and an adhesive, like packing tape, to easily lift prints off a champagne glass. In this episode, Mac uses candlesticks, a rubber mat, and an electrical cord to improvise a defibrillator. Ice water in his veins Classic: Season 1, Episode 7 This is how MacGyver gets out of a locked walk-in freezer: By using a light bulb to melt some ice; channeling the water into the lock; when the water re-freezes, it expands to open the lock. Create your own parachute Season 1, Episode 1 MacGyver goes airborne by making his own parachute. All he needs is a canvas, tie-downs, and a little wind resistance. Mac the mechanic Classic: Season 2, Episode 19 When car repair costs get you down, use egg whites to fix a leaky radiator

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We Asked A Physics Ph. Technical Consultant Rhett Allain infuses real science—and real-life inspiration—into MacGyver's thrilling action. Posted on Mar 8, am. For decades, MacGyver has been part of the American lexicon. Even before you watched the current series—even if you'd never seen the original —you probably said you "MacGyver'd" something or have a handy friend who's "a real MacGyver. Whenever MacGyver has to get out of a sticky situation, the writers can always turn to Rhett—sort of like a one-man Phoenix Foundation!


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